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Where can you find me?

Working within Eastern & Central time zones. Find me attending conferences, exploring on public transportation, and making art in NYC, Austin, & Chicago.

Just email me: 
Just text me: 917.279.5281

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Cyber Security
Optimizing SOC teams through automation

Automation and AI of tomorrow
TikTok’s impact on brand and consumer relationships
Future of foodservice & ghost kitchens, post COVID-19

Future of in person events, post COVID-19
How social media contributes to positive relationship building
Popup Events
The Unbranded Popup: Spent 3 weeks making the popup event, then exceeded predictions of impressions by over 100%

UX study on how people seek experience, travel, and activities
virginia deguzman clouds

Writing Examples

Blogpost: Should You Build vs. Buy for Security Automation?

Eliminate tedious work by focusing on business critical operations. Here’s what you get when investing in a no-code security automation platform like Blink.

Blogpost: Thoughts on prompt engineering, through prompt engineering… with a little help from my ‘friends’

To Notion AI: What is prompt engineering?

Blogpost: The 4 Part Game Plan You Need to Follow For Any Networking Event

At any networking event it can be easy to get overwhelmed and miss great opportunities. 

Spotlight: Virginia deGuzman 

Featured on the Young Pros Spotlight at the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF)

Winning Project: The Creative Kickoff Podcast

A podcast for students and recent grads, by students and recent grads who are finding their own way to break into the industry.

Podcast Guest: Startup Story S04:E03

Virginia deGuzman navigated her way through several different industries including advertising, design, freelance, pre-seed startups, and more. 

Creative Playground

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