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What can I help you with?


Brand Strategy, Production, Art Direction — anything can look great, but does it serve your business goals?

Content Strategy

Social Media, SEO, Evergreen, Video — whatever form it is in, let's give it a purpose, a proper placement, and consistency.  


Have a unique ask or don't know where to start? Pitching? Let's make that idea cohesive from the pitch to launch. 

Virginia deGuzman

  • Cyber Security
    Optimizing SOC teams through automation

    Automation and AI of tomorrow
    TikTok’s impact on brand and consumer relationships
    Future of foodservice & ghost kitchens, post COVID-19

    Future of in person events, post COVID-19
    How social media contributes to positive relationship building
    Popup Events
    The Unbranded Popup: Spent 3 weeks making the popup event, then exceeded predictions of impressions by over 100%

    UX study on how people seek experience, travel, and activities
    virginia deguzman clouds
  • Blogpost: Should You Build vs. Buy for Security Automation?

    Eliminate tedious work by focusing on business critical operations. Here’s what you get when investing in a no-code security automation platform like Blink.

    Blogpost: Thoughts on prompt engineering, through prompt engineering… with a little help from my ‘friends’

    To Notion AI: What is prompt engineering?

    Blogpost: The 4 Part Game Plan You Need to Follow For Any Networking Event

    At any networking event, especially ones with so many great companies and mentors involved like Hustle Summit, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and miss great opportunities. 

    Spotlight: Virginia deGuzman 

    Featured on the Young Pros Spotlight at the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF)

    Winning Project: The Creative Kickoff Podcast

    A podcast for students and recent grads, by students and recent grads who are finding their own way to break into the industry

    Podcast Guest: Startup Story S04:E03

    Virginia deGuzman has only been out of college on year, but she has already navigated her way through several different industries including advertising, design, freelance, pre-seed startups, and more. She is currently a data designer by day and by night she is on her way to starting two new ventures: Creative Kickoff Podcast and a creative shop.

  • virginia deguzman strategy


    Blink Ops | Expanding all forms of content into a cohesive strategy for a pivoting startup

    AWS | Best practices in branding in storytelling across all items in a limited amount of time for re:Invent

    Kizen | Evergreen content strategy & website/company rebrand for a growing AI startup

    Creative Kickoff Podcast | Award winning Young Shits passion project that gave a voice to those starting their career

    virginia deguzman design


    Circana (NPD) | Revitalized social media, video & new content for a global retail data company

    The Advertising Research Foundation |
    Redesigning data visualization for a whitepaper

    New American Economy (merged with American Immigration Council) | Data visualization & storytelling for a growing immigration non-profit

    The Extra Events | Brand Identity for a growing events business

    virginia deguzman research


    K & Co. | Co-founder to a platform for New Yorkers to reconnect with NYC through immersive experiences with like-minded individuals

    Big Spaceship | Creative Council: contributing new trends & ideas through the voice of Gen-Z

    Havas | UX for innovation prototyping team for how creatives work better across agencies & clients + social media strategy

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Where can you find me?

Working within Eastern & Central time zones. Find me attending conferences, exploring on public transportation, and making art in NYC, Austin, & Chicago.

Just email me: 
Just text me: 917.279.5281

Perhaps buy me a chai latte?

My corporate superpower is the organization of content, people, programs, ideas, & more.

Titles are confusing and tricky among different companies. Sometimes this is called product management, content strategy, marketing, entrepreneurship... I excel best in small teams with big ideas, often found in new ventures ready to start doing more while my end goal is solving complex problems with simple, effective solutions.

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